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Industry Leader For Early Childhood Professional Development

Whether you are looking to earn your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential or just take one course or perhaps complete a set of courses, The CDA Academy FL as a leading Professional Development organization has the courses for you.  Our Academy has helped  thousands of Preschool teachers just like you achieve their educational and professional growth.  Allow us assist you reach your professional development goals by joining our distinguished alumni today.

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Success Is In Our Number!

With over 11,000 successful graduated early childhood professionals from our CDA Readiness Course and other certificates programs has established The CDA Academy FL as a first choice for professional development among Preschool Teachers and Directors.

Our instructors bring years of experience in all areas of the early childhood education field, as well as a wealth of knowledge and credentials. They are passionate about mentoring and empowering early childhood professionals with their knowledge and experience making their priority our students professional growth and development.
Early Childhood Professional Development Institute, ECPDI



Winter Haven, FL

 "When I decided to get my CDA many of coworker gave me their advice about how to successfully obtain my CDA.  One common factor was the majority of them took the CDA Readiness Course by The CDA Academy FL
So, I decided to call them and find more information about their course.  It was the best decision!!  In 10 short classes I was able to be prepare to go to the CDA process successfully.  However, the best about this course was the support I received from my instructors and staff members.
They support me, advice me and guide me through the whole process until I got my CDA awarded. I sincerely recommend their CDA Readiness Course to any Preschool Teacher trying to obtain their CDA Credential. 


Tampa, FL

My experience with The CDA Academy FL was outstanding.  Since the first day of class I could realize how much I didn't knew about Early Childhood Profession.  Instructor not covered the  CDA Credential, but they educated students in all aspects of the early childhood education.  It was a great experience.   I would definitely recommend their CDA Readiness Course to anyone obtaining their CDA.


Orlando, FL

I consider my self an old student at the age of 58.  However, advance in position in my job I was required to  obtain the CDA credential.  I was recommended to  The CDA Academy FL and It was a good decision.  They took by the hand and guide and advice me throughout the whole course and application process. Their instructors support was incredible.  and continue throughout the course and after completing the course

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