The Importance of Professional Development 


What makes a professional stand apart from others in his or her field? Of course, she has the educational chops and the handson experience that makes her wellrounded and widely respected in her field.


But true professionals don’t stop there. In fact, they never stop – especially when it comes to learning. After all, research is always discovering new things, and trends are always changing. Any good professional will be on top of – and responding to – these changes.

Why earn a CDA?


The CDA Credential guides early child care professionals as they work toward becoming qualified teachers of young children. Obtaining a CDA is an important accomplishment and one that develops well informed practitioners knowledgeable in child development and best practices for teaching young children.

The Child Care Director


Managing a child care center is a big job. It takes someone who loves children, understands people, and can handle the business side of child care.


Whether a center is small or large, it is the center director’s responsibility to be sure that each child is receiving the very best care possible. This means that each child is treated with love and respect and helped to fully develop. Doing a good job is not easy, but the rewards are great.


An Environment that Positively Impacts Young Children 



Young children strive to make sense of the world in which they live. They try to organize the visual images and concrete objects in their environment into meaningful systems. Children want to determine how the space works and what activities can happen in this place.


Today's young children are spending a large number of hours in a "new" environment—child care. Some children who begin attending child care in infancy may spend as much as 12,000 hours in this setting. This massive number of hours in one environment demands that the space be carefully designed to create the "best" place possible for young children. 



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